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Iam a mother of two beautiful daughters who went to public school and both was attack at different times they are 8 years apart one was raped twice and bully at school even by authorities they knew they had a problem covered it up other was hurt before her , second daughter at a different school got beat on the bus again the authorities knew of bullyin in school covered it up i been fighting back since 2003 that was myfirst daughters attacked , next one is 2010 now i have let everyone know who done nothing but send me letter i have endured enough tears heart ache i been trying to change the system since 2003 people look at it now kids are getting hurt and authorised people know and do nothing i have sent one letter out 3000 times i need your help ... God bless us all

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  1. 2003 and 2010 they where attacked sysytem is broken CORRUPTION cover up us look at the schools now look at whats going on no one gave me answers or help please help us i have endured so much heart ache trying to do this alone god speed i hope this reaches someone


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